New blog, new chapter

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

As I spend less time on social media, I‘m going to try this new blog on my website to update my artistic ventures.

it feels slightly less like an announcement (which I’m not such a huge fan of), and more like good old documentation.

I‘m also going to be sharing some tips and thoughts on here to other artists, especially for aspiring and younger artists, which is a part of what I do in day to day life at workshops I run. If you are reading this, keep emailing me questions, comments and I’ll try to answer most or all of them :) Its nice to know people are following my little journey and getting something out of what I share so thanks. <3

Speaking of new chapters!

Here‘s My new studio!

I love it so much and have only just started setting it up today. If you’ve ever seen my studios in the past, you can see my style and taste has changed a lot. It feels amazing to declutter, live a more minimalist lifestyle, and free up physical and mental space. More on this perhaps in another blog post!

Peace! Jaz

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