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Lurking within a shallow maze of Melbourne's infamous alleyways amongst Japanese bakeries and other Asian eateries is my hand painted mural and installation in Drewery Alley, Melbourne CBD. 

The concept birthed from the idea of a neo-shrine that speaks to honouring our ancestors, and the idea of a global mythical being who borrows from many cultures, beliefs and religions. 

Inspired by ghost stories I watched with my dad as a kid, our Chinese heritage and ancestors, trips to Tokyo and hot onsen in the cold mountains of Japan, deities and colours of my time in India, and my partners love for the original Blade Runner film.

This artwork is always free and permanent to view, and is funded by The City of Melbourne for the Flash Forward program to support independent local artists during the pandemic. It has an imbedded breathing lighting installation of flickering flames and neon elements that turn on from 7-10pm every evening and pulses through 10 minute cycles and stages, designed by me with Additive Lighting. Stay for longer to experience her in all her moods and settings.



Many thanks to The City of Melbourne for funding this dream project, Opto and Additive Lighting for meeting all of my lighting demands, the fantastic team who assisted me on this, my producers Emily Sweeney and Linda Catalano and the Traditional Owners of the land on which this installation is created on.

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