Jaz Mishap is a muralist and multidisciplinary creative, designer and maker. 


Her background is in fine arts. Since opening a non traditional Gallery space in Northcote in 2007, she has worked with clients across an array of mediums and creative platforms. Her experience spans projects with large commercial companies, Councils, and Independent local businesses alike to facilitate, advise and install all manners of visual outcomes. From large scale murals in public spaces to digital drawing for advertising and communications, her work is ever evolving and spans across multiple genres and channels to achieve the desired outcomes. Her practices and skills also include but are not limited to metal work, drawing, painting, workshop facilitating and curating spaces.

In her mural work she hopes to convey her passion of introducing the curious, unexpected and sometimes mystical realms into public spaces using colour and movement.


She has travelled extensively as a visual artist and enjoys documenting through drawing her experiences. She is a lover of using art as a tool to expand one's imagination and explore possibilities, and is excited by transforming dull spaces, evolving and learning. She is currently studying an Associate Degree in Interior Design at RMIT.


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